Archive 2012-13 — 22 September 2012

By Joshua Williams

“Lunch Time Sports” (L.T.S.) is Mr. Lambros’s project to get kids moving during lunch through organized sports competitions. For this article I asked a few seventh graders from TPJA their opinion about this program.

Trevor Kerber expressed his feelings about this future activity, saying, “I think that lunch sports stuff would be awesome and fun! I would suggest kickball and flag football.” Jacob Steineke added, “I would get involved in it because I would like some organized sports instead of just playing around. We might be a little short of time to do this with having to buy lunch and eating it. I would suggest basketball or tackle football.”

On the other spectrum, Paris Hicks commented on her feelings about having organized sports added to lunchtime, saying, “I like the idea but a large portion of the girls won’t play soccer or football so there should be volleyball.”

Salonge Steadman added, “I agree with Paris, there are a lot of sports girls won’t play so you should add kickball.”

So like Mr. Lambros said, “L.T.S… See you at lunch to have fun!”


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