November, 2012

Martial arts training emphasizes discipline as well as self-defense

by Joshua Williams “Might for Right” is JB Martial Arts’ motto since 2005, when the studio started kicking. Mr. Glen Wong, the main instructor and owner of the “dojan” follows Grand Master Jhoon Goo Rhee’s style [...]

Despite loss, an incredible season for the Knights

by Caleb Peckham The TPA football team’s remarkable season came to a tough end last week against the Morenci Wildcats. Although fans were pleased to follow the Knights’ journey to the state semifinals for the first [...]

Sophomores and juniors fine-tune their voices for performance

By Claire Newfeld Thanks to the thin walls and minute space of the Tempe Prep campus, it’s easy to hear the 10th and 11th graders rehearsing their songs for the upcoming Music Concert. That sound might [...]

Preparation begins for finals

by Rachel Neglia It’s coming. That week in which all of the information from the first semester of school is relayed back through students’ brains is quickly approaching. The small cry of “finals!” is diminished by [...]

Knights see postseason play in every fall sport

by De Equitibus Staff After months of hard work by our fall sports teams, this recent season has at last come to a close. Although the football team drew the most attention, the volleyball, cross country, [...]

Around Campus

Students have been doing great things around campus all year long. [...]

For students, summer programs enrich learning

By Jeremy Cappello Lee Especially in the cold and gray winter months, we often envy the warm memories of our summer vacations. The reality, however, is that as much as we enjoyed our family camping trips [...]

Standardized testing coach gives advice

By Claire Newfeld High School is full of fun and memorable activities: prom, school trips, you name it. But if there is one thing that most high school students dread, it is taking standardized tests. The [...]

Hard work in Judo pays off for Noah Lewis

Everybody loves Judo Fighting…Ha! By Chris Moffitt Hidden beneath the smiles of freshman Noah Lewis lies his darker, fiercer side, his judo side. Judo, in Noah’s words, is “a martial art of Japanese origin that’s grappling-based [...]

TPA parent sculpts Class of 2011 gift

By Felipe Espericueta Numerous pieces of art have had an impact on the world. To name just a few: Michelangelo’s Pieta, Mount Rushmore, and the Vietnam Memorial Wall. A new piece of art will be arriving [...]