September, 2013

Five new teachers bring wealth of experience to TPA

Written by the De Equitibus Staff By Francesca De Luca This year we have four new teachers, plus one who started before the end of last school year. One is the French teacher, Madame Pardini. She [...]

Sword Club offers students a non-traditional sports option

By Sarah Buchert If you go out to the courtyard piazza on a Monday afternoon you will see students wielding swords, stabbing, blocking blows, and attacking. You’ll see student against student, teacher against student. “The spirit [...]

Teacher’s tips make learning Latin easier

By Sammy Nagy Nearly every student from seventh grade to 12th grade remembers, or is in the process of experiencing, the school’s mandatory Latin course. Lasting two full years, it leaves some intrigued while it leaves [...]

Teacher-parent team does groundbreaking research on gender bias in immigration system

By Rachel Neglia Among many issues in history, inequality has had huge effects on the United States, both socially and politically. In May of this year, Dr. Olivia Salcido, who currently teaches freshman and sophomore year [...]

Tempe Prep students experience rich German culture

By Rachel Neglia What is the best aspect of German culture? Some might say chocolate, some might say pretzels and Oktoberfest, and still others might say the willingness to bail out the entire Eurozone. For two [...]

Personality test can help chart path to your future

By Emily Gregg             During August, the 9th, 10th, and 11th graders took a personality test in Naviance called Do What You Are. Mrs. Moffitt was in charge of this assignment, and has taken the time [...]

Year-long senior thesis process doesn’t have to be scary

By Claire Newfeld Senior year at Tempe Prep is filled with many exciting activities: prom, senior trip, getting to lead Athletic Field Day, and of course, wearing red shirts on Fridays. But one thing most students dread [...]

Lively Geography Club discussions are anything but boring

By Claire Newfeld When I walk into Room 206 on a steaming Thursday afternoon, I see a group of eager students gathered around Mr. Bolt at the whiteboard in the front of the classroom. There is [...]

Students expand their horizons at summer camps

By Chris Moffitt As we have all regretfully come to realize, the summer and all of its joys have passed. School has started and we are once again chained in the bonds of stress and fatigue. [...]

Need help with studies? Khan Academy to the rescue!

By Billie Nagy It’s late. You have science, math, and humanities homework stacking up and unfinished and you need some help. What are you possibly to do? Don’t walk, run to Khan Academy at With over [...]