April, 2014

“The Pirates of Penzance” school play is a singing success

Pirates of Penzance De Equitibus staff members who also were in the cast and crew of Pirates of Penzance write about their experience. Chris Moffitt (Frederic) Delicate and yet cruel, romantic and yet desperate, innocent but [...]

TPA engages in paver program to enhance the campus

By Sarah Buchert If you walk into the new courtyard and look at the ground, you will see bricks. These are no ordinary bricks, however, but bricks with words on them. They are a part of [...]

TPA Speech and Debate reflects on another successful season

By Rachel Neglia Have you noticed that a specific minority is beginning to attend school again on Fridays? That there are fewer coffee stains on assignments, and fewer issues of The Economist nonchalantly lying around the [...]

Cantamus, Sinfonia, and Percussion conclude a successful integrated concert

By PJ Carmody TPA’s annual Cantamus and Sinfonia concert was formed years ago after TPA’s own “symphony” was created. It was called Varsity Strings back then and now goes by Sinfonia. On Tuesday, the spring concert [...]

Poetry Corner: Jasmine Antony (10B) Original Petrarchan Sonnet

If a man did venture out to find relief In calming solace of the land and lake, A set of shining eyes might make him quake. It could be so his lonesomeness is brief, For she [...]

TPA junior high finishes recorder concert on a high note

By Claire Newfeld The auditorium is crowded, filled with people eager to hear the beautiful music of … recorders. Yes, the instrument Tempe Prep high school students have grown to dread. However, instead of the shrill, [...]

Marisa and Joshua Putrasahan exemplify community service in Mexico

By Chris Moffitt Most people avoid doing charitable work because they are simply afraid. They are afraid to step out of their comfort zone, get involved, and associate with strangers. Joshua (Junior) and Marisa (Sophomore) Putrasahan [...]

Imminent changes to the SAT will simplify the test-taking process

By Billie Nagy If you are a part of the class of 2017 or later, then you’re about to be very happy. Recently, David Coleman, the president of the College Board, announced a “fundamental rethinking of [...]

Youth Town Hall offers students an opportunity to address societal problems

By Tiffanie Cappello Lee Every year, students from all different high schools come together to solve problems that plague teenagers. Whether it be the issue of teen pregnancy or lack of enthusiasm for volunteerism, Youth Town [...]

Mrs. Moffitt explains the countless scholarship opportunities that are open to TPA students

By Sarah Faulkner Colleges and financial support are often dark, bothersome topics students like to avoid. While scholarships sound fantastic, the application process and the essays are annoying. In fact, only $3 billion to $4 billion [...]