November, 2014

Professional acting plus teaching keep Mr. Sanderson on the go day and night

By Sarah Buchert The life of an actor is not all apple pie. Acting at the professional level is hard because it is, first and foremost, a job. The director is your boss and he does [...]

Seniors find thesis process rigorous but also enjoyable

By Claire Newfeld Every Tempe Prep student will have to write a senior thesis when they get to 12th grade. At the end of the third quarter of every year, the teachers pair up and begin [...]

10th, 11th grade concert songs have fascinating origins

By Cole Klassen As many may know, the 10th and 11th grades are times of great soul searching, social struggle and the thoughts of the impending doom of senior thesis. However, as Thanksgiving rolls in, only [...]

Renzo Viccina wins technology scholarship

By Sarah Faulkner Senior Renzo Viccina recently received the Gold Award for Innovation and Technology from the Hispanic Heritage Youth Awards. He said that there were three medals: bronze, silver and gold. The awards are based [...]

‘Carousel’ chosen for spring musical

By Erin Guiney It’s getting closer to the holiday season, which means that everyone is beginning to discuss vacation plans and are avoiding preparing for finals. However, this year, there’s one more thing to keep in [...]

Summer Spain trip will immerse TPA students in rich Hispanic culture

By Rachel Neglia This summer, TPA students will be offered a completely new school-organized experience. Analogous to the German exchange program that occurs every two years, the planned trip will take participants to four cities in [...]

Tis the season for students, teachers to give thanks

By Nina and Waley Lin, As Thanksgiving approaches, we asked students and teachers around the school what they are thankful for. Hayden Wisneski, 6A: I’m thankful for my family, because otherwise I would not be here. [...]

9th graders labor to bring TPA’s long-neglected garden to life

By Sammy Nagy For some time now the formerly lush and well-tilled garden area behind the teachers’ house has been left mostly barren, with only a few scattered bushes or flowers growing at any given time. [...]

Juniors should start planning college app process now

By Billie Nagy and Sarah Faulkner, “It’s the most wonder… uh… stressful time of the year.” Or at least we’re pretty sure that’s what every senior is thinking right now with the college application process. Yet, [...]

Curious about something? Just ask TED

By Billie Nagy, If you’ve never heard about TED Talks videos, then you need to go home and watch one! In a day and age where the Internet is perhaps the biggest and most accessible instrument [...]