Literature — 17 March 2015

Ode to a Lost Friend

By Cole Klassen

My friend, my friend, why hath, why hath you left?

You have gone as bright and bold falls’ leaves all go.

My friend, my friend, who stole away. Sad theft

That took my friend and makes my eyes to flow.

Was parting last too sad to keep you, friend?

Oh my woe is great to lose your caring heart,

Your smile that brings such joy to the world’s end.

It being far gone doth make my life so tart.

My grief to lose someone so close, so dear,

that I was not aware how much they meant

till left they did, they left and now I fear

My heart now has a large, and sad, deep dent.

Yet my brain won’t stray from the good, the dear, fun times.

They stay entrapped forever in thoughts and rhymes.Jasmine Riffle 001

Drawing by Jasmine Antony



Changing Seasons By Marisa Bennett Winsome the smiles when rising friendship dawns,

Like blooming pansies there in meadows green

With dancing winds encircling playful fawns.

The joy of spring; the sun begins to sheen.

The midday sun vibrant with light illume

Untouched with age on jolly faces romp,

As birds enjoy the songs with bristled plume.

The summer day like festive kings with pomp.

In twilight once arising sun will part;

The tick and tock the hilt of time will hasten

A nearing end are offshoots with leaves depart.

The test of ties are the hatred hope has chasten.

Two paths of winter imparting love or loss

The seasons end with either path we cross.

Nature’s Sting

Nature’s Sting

November 20, 2017


November 20, 2017
Fun in the sun!

Fun in the sun!

September 29, 2017
The words appear

The words appear

September 29, 2017


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