September, 2015

Q. What did you do during Summer Vacation?

By Nina Lin, Waley Lin and William Zheng We asked students, faculty and staff to tell us about the highlight of their summer vacation. Here are their answers. Tyrone Jordan, 6A – During the summer, I [...]

Introducing Tempe Prep’s Newest Teachers!

Meet Mr. Tom Kneisel, Tempe Prep’s newest 8th and 9th grade Algebra and Geometry teacher! With a BS from Central Michigan University, the “Funny, caring, and demanding — but not in a mean way” math major, [...]

Changes to TPA science curriculum promise more student choice

By Lindsay Newfeld Tempe Prep has been undergoing many changes, but one of the biggest alterations has been to the science curriculum. Last year, a lot of modifications were discussed and debated by the Board of [...]

TPA welcomes new headmaster Dr. Porter

By Rachel Neglia Among the many additions to TPA this year–a new sixth grade class, manifold technological updates, and a plethora of new teachers–is a new headmaster, Dr. Wayne Porter, who was drawn to the school’s [...]

Students recount exciting German exchange

By Jasmyn Genchev The summer trip to Germany was a great success. It was another chance to see many great cities in Germany. Both students who studied German and those who knew no German will never [...]

Volleyball gets off to a great start

By Emma Moriarty Tempe Prep’s varsity volleyball team has begun the season with an amazing record. They have already won all four of their games and expect to do just as well for the rest of [...]

Freshman Take HL In Stride

By Rachel Dinh One of the most defining characteristics of TPA is Humane Letters, a two-hour Socratic class. If you visit a class, you will see a circle of students discussing the book or document in [...]

Cross Country Gets Off To A Running Start

By Emma Moriarty With the temperatures reaching the low hundreds and no clouds to be seen, most sane people stay indoors or go swimming to avoid the heat. However, Tempe Prep’s high school cross country team [...]

Junior High Sports Kicks Off

By Cole Klassen Fall sports are off to a great start this year. Even though the weather is hot, these intrepid athletes continue to practice. They showcase great strength and motivation, and are becoming great athletes. [...]

An upper classman’s sage advice for incoming students

By Chris Moffitt Dear Sixth Graders, First off, on behalf of the esteemed Senior Class of 2016, I feel it my duty to start with an apology. In the utter chaos that follows the 2:45 p.m. [...]