News — 14 October 2015

US-DeptOfEducation-Seal_svgFrom the Juniors’ preparation for the SAT and ACT to the Seniors’ college applications and senior thesis, this time of year can be very difficult for students and parents to take the time to evaluate colleges financially. With the allure of the beautiful campus and the admissions representative telling you to “imagine the possibilities,” it can be challenging to distinguish one college or university from the other, including the cost, and to really ask yourself, “what do I like and what should I major in?” and “how can this college help to prepare me economically for a career in the future if I am to spend thousands of dollars for a degree?” In response to these burning questions, The US Department of Education, with data collected over 18 years from the US Treasury and the IRS, has just launched a new website called “College Scorecard” which allows you to search a college and see the average annual cost of attendance, the graduation rate percentage, and the average salary graduates make 10 years after graduation. In addition, the website offers statistical facts about colleges and how to pay for college. While there has been some criticism, such as that it does not mention the level and type of education students receive for the cost, it is generally considered an extra useful tool that students and parents can use to evaluate colleges. For more information regarding College Scorecard, visit their website at

By Billie Nagy



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