May, 2016

Robotics Fares Well

By Rachel Dinh With the odds stacked against them as high as the crates from last year’s competition, the TPA Robotics team decided, “To heck with it, we’re going to have the most fun we can.” [...]

Behind the Scenes At My Fair Lady

By Cole Klassen As many of you know, My Fair Lady, the school musical, wrapped up last week. It was four days of fun and entertainment, but not everything happened on stage. It’s time to go [...]

Enrique Favaro lands prestigious Flinn Scholarship

By Billie Nagy As students wrap up the year applying for numerous scholarships and summer programs, one student, senior Enrique Favaro, shows just how far one can go with a little tenacity, wisdom, and determination. Enrique [...]

Gabe LeBeau wins full-ride to Benedictine College

By Sarah Buchert Scholarships are awarded based on the criteria of the holder. Benedictine College is located in Atchison, Kansas, about 30-40 minutes northwest of Kansas City. The Benedictine merit scholarships come in different amounts, Gabriel [...]

2 seniors take All-State honors for fourth consecutive year

By Clara Moffitt All of us dream of becoming the best in the state. For two seniors, this dream, through much  hard work, became a reality — four years in a row. Nasrynn Chowdhury and Christopher [...]

Graduating class members reflect on their time at TPA

By Chris Moffitt We are the last of a unique era at Tempe Prep. As we soon say farewell to our precious high school Alma Mater, memories of TPA’s past splendors will surely begin to fade [...]

Art Club recreates Michelangelo’s ‘Creation of Adam’

By Jasmyn Genchev Many of you may have noticed the large mural being painted on the outside of the building east of Zelman. If you did, you should know this mural is one of the Art [...]

Tempe Prep officials closer to finalizing changes that will simplify uniform policy

By Lindsay Newfeld As this school year draws to a close, the faculty and staff at Tempe Prep are already looking at ways to improve our school for next year. Some of the big changes being [...]

Experience gained on De Equitibus staff is invaluable

By Rachel Neglia For all of my time at De Equitibus, I have tried to avoid writing in the first person. As this is my last article for De Equitibus, though, I feel I ought to [...]

Tracksters power through pain, fatigue on path to state meet

By Chris Moffitt When asked why they run track, several track members responded with a look of puzzlement on their faces, saying, “Actually…I don’t know. In all honesty, track is difficult, painful, and tiring. Truly, it [...]