November, 2016

‘European Masters’ Photo Gallery

Tempe Prep’s major fall performing arts fundraiser, “European Masters,” featuring Cantamus, Bel Canto and Sinfonia, was held Saturday, Nov. 19         [...]

Beautifying TPA

By Jasmyn Genchev TPA may have outstanding academics, however most can’t say the same for its campus. It may not be the cleanest or the prettiest out there, making it safe to say that the campus [...]

Lisa Dischinger is Reaching New Heights with Spacex

By Cole Klassen Space, the final frontier, a destination filled with sights not seen here on Earth. Space may seem far away, but a former TPA student  is making it closer. Meet Lisa Dischinger, a 2013 [...]

Girls and Boys State Lets You be in Charge

By Cole Klassen   What if I told you there was a place where boys and girls run the government? No, this isn’t Lord of the Flies 2.0, it’s Boys and Girls State, a summer program [...]

California Trip Gives Students a New Outlook on College

By Rachel Dinh After an evening’s worth of planning, Nizhoni Saenz, Emma Moriarty, Abby Everding, Mrs. Moffitt, and I set out on a trip to California. We had all wanted to visit small liberal arts colleges, [...]

Winter sports season begins with addition of wrestling

By Katherine Camberg All of the fall sports are finished up, and winter sports are just beginning. There have been many changes since last winter including a new basketball coach, and the addition of a wrestling [...]

Middle school runners worked hard to achieve major drops in times

By Theresa O’Connor It’s been another great year for middle school cross country! The team has really improved this year. “The team mostly improved in our timed miles!” Mrs. Vorst said. Many students took minutes off [...]

Cryder, Camberg led cross country team to successful season

By De Equitibus Staff Cross country practice may be hard but it’s worth it in the long run for our Tempe Prep team. Many of our TPA runners were able to improve their 5K times, some [...]

Swim season was most successful in Tempe Prep’s history

By Maya Kostov This swim season was one of the best in Tempe Prep history! ​For the first time in five years, ​the swim team was able to qualify in three boys relays – the 200 Medley [...]