September, 2017

Fun in the sun!

By Cara Cordova The sun is beating down on me, Heat waves in the distance, I do see. Hot in the summer, hot all year, (getting sick from skin cancer, I do fear) there are at [...]

The words appear

By Cara Cordova What should I write this poem about? Out of thoughts, I truly doubt. The sun is hot as I sit outside, I try to think, try to decide. I scan the empty brain [...]

Want to become multilingual? Go to language camp

By Rebekah Stein It was a life changing summer for five of our TPA students as they participated in various language summer camps. These summer camps offer different comfort levels for students, whether you want to [...]

Tempe Prep 2017 grads Petrov and Everding spend summer immersed in other cultures

Alex Petrov By Rachel Dinh What if you had the opportunity to learn Russian in Russia for six weeks? Alex Petrov, who graduated from Tempe Prep in May, was ecstatic when he received the opportunity.  On [...]

Generous spirits come together to refurbish science labs

By Jasmyn Genchev What’s the biggest improvement to our campus since the construction of the 400 building in 2012? The chemistry and biology labs of course! And it’s all thanks to the many gracious donations and [...]

Island marine experience helps freshmen bond as family

By Maya Kostov Now, you may be thinking, “WHAT??!! I could never last four days without my phone or electronics! You have got to be joking! What about social media and pictures?” But not having phones [...]

In cross country, team support helps individuals break barriers

By A’ser Mostafa With the beginning of the new school year comes the beginning of a new season for the Tempe Prep cross country team. This year like every year character building shares the number one [...]

Coach Jenn Stephens inspires swimmers to reach lofty goals

By Nolan Bailey Have you ever had an awesome coach? That is the exact leadership that the TPA swim team is under. With passion and positivity, Coach Jenn and Coach Brian will lead the swim team [...]

Volleyball players hone skills, teamwork early in season

By Caiyu Keoviengxay Where does skill come from? Some are born with it while others have to work hard to get it. The TPA volleyball team is filled with both types of players. They have all [...]

Football brotherhood strengthens as season progresses

By Lillian Moffatt Football at TPA is more than sport, it’s a group of young men who treat each other like brothers, and these brothers become more of a team each day. So far this season [...]