Archive 2015-16

Gabe LeBeau wins full-ride to Benedictine College

By Sarah Buchert Scholarships are awarded based on the criteria of the holder. Benedictine College is located in Atchison, Kansas, about 30-40 minutes northwest of Kansas City. The Benedictine merit scholarships come in different amounts, Gabriel [...]

Art Club recreates Michelangelo’s ‘Creation of Adam’

By Jasmyn Genchev Many of you may have noticed the large mural being painted on the outside of the building east of Zelman. If you did, you should know this mural is one of the Art [...]

Tempe Prep officials closer to finalizing changes that will simplify uniform policy

By Lindsay Newfeld As this school year draws to a close, the faculty and staff at Tempe Prep are already looking at ways to improve our school for next year. Some of the big changes being [...]

Experience gained on De Equitibus staff is invaluable

By Rachel Neglia For all of my time at De Equitibus, I have tried to avoid writing in the first person. As this is my last article for De Equitibus, though, I feel I ought to [...]

Economical front office renovation makes for more efficient traffic flow

By Lindsay Newfeld Tempe Prep is currently undergoing a time of many changes, but a number of these changes are decided behind the scenes by the Board of Directors and are not always immediately visible to [...]

Congressional Award Club encourages students to set and achieve ambitious goals

By Jasmyn Genchev These days many of us are looking for a way to “stand out” in the eyes of colleges. The Congressional Awards Club is a great opportunity to do so, without the hassle that [...]

Hope Crew finishes two fundraising projects intended to ease hardships

By Rachel Neglia De Equitibus last spotlighted Tempe Prep’s Hope Crew in the club’s formative stages. Since the beginning of the semester, the club has grown in support among the student body. Hope Crew – according [...]

Small softball team savors success

By Carter Sampson Nobody expected our softball team to be successful. Well, nobody even expected Tempe Prep to field a softball team. But thanks to unexpected people stepping up, TPA softball is not only surviving, but [...]

Mr. Thurston’s Trip

By Rachel Dinh You survey your surroundings and notice streets densely packed with honking cars, huge buildings stacked side by side, historical monuments on any corner, the occasional squirrel scurrying around, and life booming on every city [...]

‘My Fair Lady’ opening soon

By Cole Klassen Lights! Camera! Action! Soon, the Zelman Center will be filled with singing, as the musical kicks off into high gear. This year, the musical is My Fair Lady, which opened on Broadway in [...]