TPA alum Jonathan Garza is learning Japanese while teaching English

By Emma Moriarty Growing up in a tight-knit community like Tempe Prep may lead one to believe the connections they make will never have universal implications. Many TPA alums have and are proving this wrong. Class [...]

Five seniors enjoy family life in far-away lands

  By Clara Moffitt How many people can say they have a sibling from a different country? Over the summer, five Tempe Prep seniors had the opportunity to not only meet a new sibling, but explore [...]

New high school students relish challenges of TPA

By Emma Moriarty “DUDE!” “DUDEEEE!!” When hearing this conversation, one might not think the two communicating were students who attend a rigorous liberal arts school and just received an “A” in Drama for their enthusiastic participation. [...]

Students head overseas for summer learning

By Rachel Dinh It finally hit me that I was in India when I had my first dinner with my host family. I had stared at the plate, puzzling over if I should use my hand [...]

Senior Trip: Making Memories

By Cole Klassen By now, a different air has fallen on campus. The seniors, although just as stressed out as ever, are somehow different. While maybe not something approaching mature, the seniors have undergone an annual [...]

12 Angry Men: A New and Unique Play

By Lindsay Newfeld As Dr. Porter’s authoritative voice booms over the loud speaker, the mood of 12 Angry Men immediately becomes apparent. This is a tense situation in which 12 jurors must determine the verdict for [...]

Mr.Lambros helps keep kids active

By Jasmyn Genchev We all know that staying active is very important for having a happy and healthy life. Plenty of kids at school participate in sports not only because of this, but also because sports [...]

Sammy Nagy organizes club to take mystery out of physics

By Jasmyn Genchev It’s common knowledge that passion goes a long way in carrying one to new heights. That driving passion is usually the hardest to find. However, it hasn’t stopped junior Sammy Nagy from pursuing [...]

There are now clubs to match almost every interest

By Rachel Dinh TPA may be a small school, but that does not diminish the number of clubs it hosts. You’ve probably seen signs posted around the campus inviting you to attend a Fashion, Film, or [...]

T.P.A Alum Having A Worldwide Impact

By Clara Moffitt The extent of our alumni force seems to always be expanding. Starting in Tempe, Arizona, and rising on from there. An alumnus from TPA’s Class of 2012 and founder of our De Equitibus, [...]