Nature’s Sting

By Cara Cordova Take a moment to stop and look, take a moment , admire each nook. Think and listen to beautiful nature, think and look at a beautiful glacier. Look at the spring, so pretty [...]


By Jasmyn Genchev Sometimes silence is difficult to understand. It comes, and it goes, sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worst. Sometimes it secures you from feeling like you’re small Sometimes it locks you down, [...]

Fun in the sun!

By Cara Cordova The sun is beating down on me, Heat waves in the distance, I do see. Hot in the summer, hot all year, (getting sick from skin cancer, I do fear) there are at [...]

The words appear

By Cara Cordova What should I write this poem about? Out of thoughts, I truly doubt. The sun is hot as I sit outside, I try to think, try to decide. I scan the empty brain [...]

Julius Caesar’s “Almost” Assassination

Julius Caesar’s “Almost” Assassination Sydney Wickelgren The soothsayer chided Julius Caesar scornfully. “You young dictators. Don’t deny the truth in the stars and moon.” Caesar rolled his eyes as the soothsayer waved her arms dramatically. “What [...]

The Ideal Poem – Miriam Gregg

The Ideal Poem By Miriam Gregg Now here’s a poem, where all’s quite wrong it seems – I’m even going to use a near-rhyme scheme. I’ll frustrate you with all of these conjunctions And feminine rhyme [...]

Poetry Corner

Ode to a Lost Friend By Cole Klassen My friend, my friend, why hath, why hath you left? You have gone as bright and bold falls’ leaves all go. My friend, my friend, who stole away. [...]