Rigorous training preps middle school runners for high school competition

By A’ser Mostafa While we watch the high school cross country team improve and break times throughout the season, we can also take a look at the middle school cross country program and see how it [...]

Swimmers trim times in preparation for State

By Nolan Bailey Swim is a sport about self-improvement and getting better. “It’s about racing yourself and the clock” as Assistant Coach Brian Shepherd puts it, and that is exactly what the TPA swim teams want [...]

Tempe Prep’s middle school football team racking up victories

By Hayden Sampson No middle school Tempe Prep football team has ever done what this year’s team has. With only three 8th graders returning from last year, the team has gone 4-0 without skipping a beat. [...]

Former Knights help celebrate Homecoming in tough season

By Lillian Moffatt What is homecoming? The purpose for homecoming is partially in its name – coming home to your graduate high school – but alumni hold a special place in their heart for the school [...]

In cross country, team support helps individuals break barriers

By A’ser Mostafa With the beginning of the new school year comes the beginning of a new season for the Tempe Prep cross country team. This year like every year character building shares the number one [...]

Coach Jenn Stephens inspires swimmers to reach lofty goals

By Nolan Bailey Have you ever had an awesome coach? That is the exact leadership that the TPA swim team is under. With passion and positivity, Coach Jenn and Coach Brian will lead the swim team [...]

Volleyball players hone skills, teamwork early in season

By Caiyu Keoviengxay Where does skill come from? Some are born with it while others have to work hard to get it. The TPA volleyball team is filled with both types of players. They have all [...]

Football brotherhood strengthens as season progresses

By Lillian Moffatt Football at TPA is more than sport, it’s a group of young men who treat each other like brothers, and these brothers become more of a team each day. So far this season [...]

Middle school track developing promising young talent

By Sarah Penry 2017 middle school track and field just crossed the finish line! This year’s season went well and a lot of personal records were set. There were new runners, as well as new coaches. [...]