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TPA Senior Cappello-Lee working to find cure for cancer

By Clara Moffitt Senior, Tiffanie Cappello-Lee had the amazing opportunity to be accepted to intern at the Pancreatic Cancer Research Lab at the Translational Genomics Research Institute (or TGen for short) in downtown Phoenix. TGen is [...]

Senior Jasmine Antony is QuestBridge Finalist

By Rachel Dinh Remember Senior Victor Dinh, who received a full-ride scholarship from QuestBridge? Well, this year’s aspiring senior Jasmine Antony is well on her way to reaching the same goal. She recalls how she was [...]

Aspiring Chef Peter McQuaid Making Headlines

By Billie Nagy Since De Equitibus last spoke with him, TPA senior and superstar chef Peter McQuaid has been up to a great deal of exciting new things. Back in March, the bright-eyed opportunity-seeking chef began [...]