December, 2014

Compass roses expand art students’ creativity

Eighth grade art students created these compass roses based on antique mariner’s compass. The radial design required precision as well as creativity. [...]

Arizona improving in college readiness

By Billie Nagy Do you ever wonder what the outcome of The College Board tests are statistically? This year, The College Board’s results proved that Arizona high school students were above the national average in terms of [...]

Summer camps nurture STEM interest and talent

By Sammy Nagy After the year’s finals pass, mentally challenging camps based around acquiring STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) abilities is usually the last thing many students care to consider spending their time doing. However, the [...]

Cross country Coach Granville tackles Ironman competition

By Emma Moriarty On Nov. 16, 3,000 Arizona residents made their way down to Tempe Town Lake to swim, bike, and run 140.6. Out of the 3,000 participants, one may seem extremely familiar to the TPA [...]

Zimmerman alumni display Tempe Prep virtues

By Chris Moffitt The pride Tempe Prep holds for the members of the Zimmerman family has surely not dissipated just because they no longer attend our school. As TPA alumni, they have gone on to display [...]

Men’s soccer team has playoff hopes

By Chris Moffitt The winter days of tired feet, scraped knees, sore foreheads, and rewarding post-game chocolate milk have returned as Tempe Prep’s varsity men’s soccer team once again tries their foot skills and endurance on [...]

Women’s soccer team makes big improvements from last season

By Chris Moffitt Tempe Prep’s women’s varsity soccer team is back with new strength and potential! After only losing one player from last year and, to basketball’s incredible horror, gaining eight new players for this year [...]

Ode to Rain

Lindsay Newfeld Ode to Rain The sunrays shine upon the land, The clouds are never in command. But when the sun has gone from sight, The sky grows dark, as dark as night. The rain falls [...]

First Scar

The First Scar By Brendan Phelan, 9C The glaring sun, the flowing breeze; Both watching men that day. All plants were green, all spirits strong; A perfect day to play. It all began when Grandpa cried, [...]

Middle School “Bel Canto” choir performs interesting cultural pieces

By Clara Moffitt In the Zelman center, six middle schoolers (all 6th graders) gathered together to perform five well-rehearsed songs. These 6th graders belong to a group called Bel Canto, or Beautiful Song.  Due to “productive [...]