February, 2016

Super Fun Athletic Field

By Cole Klassen This year’s Athletic Field Day was a blast! The teams, based off of Star Wars characters, came out with some great spirit and costumes. From a Tusken Raider mask to an Ewok, the [...]

Odyssey of the Mind!

Cole Klassen It’s that wonderful time of year again, time to talk about Odyssey of the Mind. This year, there is only one OM team, a seventh-grade team coached by Roxi Klassen. Although young, they have [...]

Nasrynn Chowdhury expands vocal skills in Regional Choir

By Chris Moffitt As she walked into the first rehearsal for the Southwest Regional Choir, Nasrynn Chowdhury embodied Shakespeare’s line: “though she be but little, she is fierce.” During the weekend of February 21, TPA’s petite [...]

Secret to successful college interviews is solid preparation — and then relax

By Billie Nagy Here’s something to look forward to when Junior and Senior year rolls around: college and scholarship interviews! Wait! Before you gasp and try to forget this idea all together, I want to tell [...]

Robotics Club’s Creation

By Rachel Dinh The robotics season shot off as soon as the 2016 FIRST Robotics Competition challenge was released. Through this three-minute medieval-themed challenge video, the team learned their objective. They must build autonomous or teleoperated [...]

James David carries passion for golf to Phoenix Open

By Rachel Neglia Most popular high school sports, like football, softball, and soccer, follow the same formula. Team A faces team B, and one wins. Sports like golf, however, are more difficult for non-players to visualize [...]

7th graders’ art on display at Tempe’s Art Resource Center

Here are some pictures of the 7th grade art exhibit currently showing at the Art Resource Center, 1860 W. University Dr, Tempe, AZ. Suite 102.  Mrs. Sherrie Zeitlin, the director of the non-profit that supplies free art [...]

Juniors get up-close look at Arizona’s history

By Cole Klassen Where is a place where you can see World War II propaganda, unique pieces of silver, and a creepy wax mannequin? The Arizona State Capitol Museum, that’s where. The 11th grade Humane Letters [...]

Donated equipment will be used in new computer lab

By Jasmyn Genchev Yes, it’s true, Tempe Prep is finally getting a permanent computer lab, and itis all thanks to our new information technology director, Mr. Flores, and a donation of 22 monitors and towers from [...]

Campus trash hurts school pride; let’s keep TPA clean!

By Billie Nagy I’m going to paint a little picture for you. It’s a bright and beautiful Monday morning (because we all know that’s the truth) and you’re walking into school right past the lunch store. You look [...]