Here’s a program that can help you hone your leadership skills

By Maya Kostov Ever thought about how to be a good leader and develop leadership skills? Well, Peter Surin, Abbi Harb, Charlotte McIntosh, and Alex Wait, all sophomores, were all selected by Mrs. Moffitt to have [...]

Some colleges will pay you to visit their campus

By Rachel Dinh Every year, the fall season brings wonderful things: cool weather, colorful leaves, pumpkin spice lattes, and of course, college fly-in programs! These programs are meant to give outstanding students the opportunity to see [...]

New director brings fresh changes to Cantamus

By Carter Sampson Cantamus has always been an example of what makes TPA great, whether singing at football games, concerts, or Disneyland. This year they’ve made some changes that will make the program even better. The [...]

Sixth graders master Shakespeare’s ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’

By Rebekah Stein When you think Shakespeare you usually don’t think 6th grade kids.  But TPA’s 6th graders are taking on Shakespeare in the entertaining production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream.  Two of the 6th grade [...]

Speech and Debate teams strive to dominate once again

By Theresa O’Connor Arizona state champions 8 YEARS in a row?! Yep, that’s right. The speech and debate won eight straight state titles starting in 2003. While the school year is starting up, so is Speech [...]

911 remembered as tragedy that changed America forever

By Elizabeth Hollman No one could have predicted that Tuesday that in a few short hours, the clear blue New York skyline would be covered in smoke. No one could have predicted that 16 years later, [...]

Don’t underestimate importance of preparing for PSAT

By Clara Moffitt The PSAT. That dreaded test you hear Mrs. Moffitt ceaselessly talk about. The test your parents hassle you over, the test you started taking in 9th grade when you thought you had escaped [...]

New clubs expand experiences outside classroom

By Ashlynne Myrick Classics Club: Who wants to study some myths and history while playing fun quizzes on Fridays during high school lunch in room 404? Both Dr. Riesbeck and Mr. Hansen started the new Latin [...]

Summer program took Charlotte McIntosh to Thailand where she cared for elephants

By Katherine Camberg Many of us had fun summers, but junior Charlotte McIntosh had an especially adventurous summer. She participated in the Global Leadership Abroad (GLA) program, which is linked to the Peace Corps. Through GLA, [...]

Growing Honor Society taking on new projects

By Lindsay Newfeld This year National Honor Society has 71 members, the largest group in Tempe Prep history. National Honor Society is a well-known club around campus, and one that has perhaps the biggest impact on [...]